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May 1, 1978

Goudas Products enter No Frills stores first time.

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Lou Pecchia, director of wholesale food development with No Frills, was hired in 1977 as multicultural, food coordinator, for Loblaws, No Frills parent company.

That year, the management at Loblaws invited Goudas for an interview. Pecchia had already expressed his opinion that Goudas Foods products should be brought to No Frills.

He talked about Mr.Goudas with the best words; he noted to the management how knowledgeable Mr.Goudas was about Multi-Cultural Foods, and how he had manufactured a lot of these products himself. He also refered to Mr.Goudas as a "hard driving individual", who he felt would be able to service No Frills stores with a wide assortment of products at reasonable cost.

The decision was taken from the Head Office (John Lederer, Pappas, Dan Fellin, Frank Boyland, John Silpton, and Jim Greco), to give Mr. Goudas the first No Frills store at Bloor and Dufferin. 

In the years to follow, Mr. Goudas would become the driving force in the multi-cultural foods.
Under the No Frills banner, he developed the ethnic foods section in almost 100 stores!

We have asked Mr. Goudas to tell us something about the personality of John Lederer, and he mentioned to us a story that happened in the early part of 1977, at the time when Loblaws company was ready to launch this store.  

The time came to setup the store, and so Mr. Goudas and his merchandizers worked tirelessly
to put products on the shelves the night before the opening.
Mr. John Lederer was also present, overseeing and helping as best as he could until late that evening. The store looked magnificient, both Mr. Goudas and Mr. Lederer where pleased at the results of all the hard work.They were the last people to leave the store.

Mr. Lederer and Mr. Goudas decided to grab a small bite to eat since the job was done, but it was already late and most of the stores within the mall were closed. They noticed that a little shop selling hamburgers and sausages was still open - the owner was cleaning and about to close for the night.

Mr. Goudas approached the store and asked the owner to prepare something.
The owner looked at Mr. Goudas and said, "The grill is off, I'm ready to close, but I have one sausage left over."
Mr. Goudas turned to John Lederer and said, "How about we split it in half, and wrap up our day as well?" Of course, this little story is insignificant, but in Mr. Goudas' mind, in a very short time, John Lederer has demonstrated his ability to not only work physically, but express his ideas and capabilities to promote, display and portray the products within the shelves.

In Mr. Goudas' opinion, he showed John Lederer to be the heart of the future of this new banner
and sure enough as time progresses, Mr. John Lederer became the brains for the creation of the No Frills banner.

In the years to come he was promoted numerous times and finally became the President of Loblaw Companies Limited; serving them for approximately 30 years.
In these roles, he was responsible for the operation, performance, innovation and growth of national and regional banners, businesses and divisions.

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