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Oct 20, 1974

Employees formed soccer games inside

After saving penny after penny, dollar after dollar, Mr. Goudas finally made a down payment to a building on McCormick St., in Keele and St. Clair area of Toronto.
When Mr. Goudas first moved in with his employees, the 28000 square foot warehouse seemed so big that some employees formed soccer games inside, but Mr. Goudas comments where:
"Have your fun now, before we use the building full capacity!"

The centre picture with the tree has been inserted at the request of Mr. Goudas because when he had just moved into that building and was cleaning up the premises, he saw a little shrub no more than 10 inches high and he felt that it was a tree, not a just a weed. 40 years later, it is one of the biggest trees still standing in the area.

Filling up the space with the products. Finding customers who were willing to stock in their own stores.
Go to their stores to try to help them since he was experineced in marketing first hand.
Advertising in any way he could in many ethnic communities. 
It was a job that had to be done.  No matter the time and the effort.

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