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Aug 15, 1977


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On day in 1973, Mr. Goudas received a phone call at his Oxford Street address from Jessie McDonald, a very close friend and a producer of Goudas' Caribbean Show on CHIN radio.
Listen to the song in the background Jessie said in a jocular manner, and if you like it, I want you to bring a suitcase full of money to this address at Davenport and Ossington.
Mr. Goudas glued his ear to the phone, and became entranced with the melody that he heard. When the lyrics proclaiming Goudas rice is very nice came up, he knew that he had to have this song. 

He turned up at the address that he was given, and as he descended into the basement, he heard the strains of this song coming from the house and saw a number of young kids, between the ages of 3 to 10, playing guitars and steel pans and singing the song.
He decided to take them to his club, the 813 club, to work on perfecting the music over a number of weeks, and also used the Corrado Acapouto Studio and Sound Canada to record and press the song. 

The initial pressing of the song, released in 1974, was 20,000 copies. Mr.Peter Spyros Goudas gave these records away to clubs, the stores that carried his products, and to people at the Caribana parade.
It immediately became a big hit with all who heard it. It was also given extensive airplay by Colin Handson at CHIC radio, Wynn Callender at CJMR, and Jessie McDonald at CHIN but the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission) stepped in and asked that it be taken off the air.
Apparently the word good in the part of the lyrics stating, good for pelau was not allowed, so the lyrics had to be changed to the best for pelau.
A new pressing had to be made but this change did not affect the popularity of the song.
In fact the song has become a collector's item, and Mr. Goudas has only 2 copies of the original pressing in his possession. 

The song Goudas Rice was performed by the Raymond Family who went on to make a number of personal appearances at the 813 club, and was in much demand. 

The lyrics of the song are: 
Goudas Rice is very nice 
Goudas Rice is very nice 
the best for pelau* 
And Chinese fried rice 
So take my advice 
And buy Goudas Rice. 
The song goes on to name a number of countries in the Caribbean. 

Feel free to sing along while you prepare your pelau or fried rice using  Goudas Brand rice! 

* A name given to the Caribbean style of preparing rice with meat and vegetables.

 Goudas Rice Theme Song

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