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Mar 20, 1977


Spyros Peter Goudas enters into a partnership agreement with Abelardo Cordova in 1973 (Company: Alimentos Caribe San Cristobal, Dominican Republic) for the production of various products related to Spanish consumers.

Senor Cordova was willing to come to Canada and discuss the potential Latin American market, which was growing at an enormous rate at that time. 

Senor Cordova, a factory owner, with many years of experience, was encouraged to experiment with the ideas Mr. Goudas presented him with, based on actual customer requests. 

The partnership was magnificent since Senor Cordova agreed to undertake the responsibility of fifty percent (50%) of the production of goods, and the other fifty percent was left to Mr. Goudas to market and introduce the products into the virgin Canadian market. 

Senor Cordova spent a few weeks in Canada with Mr. Goudas as his host.

During this period he studied the market thoroughly and was able to speak directly to Mr. Goudas' customers in their native language (Spanish) thereby enabling them both to better understand the potential product range to enhance the Latin American cuisine, and to reduce the possibility of errors. 

Although to many the word Latin simply means all Spanish speaking people, the fact is that Latin America is a group of Spanish speaking countries and the eating habits vary from one country to another. 

Because of this beautiful arrangement, Mr.Spyros Peter Goudas was able to bring to Canada a wide range of products, which not only appealed to the Latin American market, but also was adopted by other ethnic groups, and even Canadians. 

Just imagine who in Canada at that time had heard or even enjoyed Tamarind nectar, passion fruit, papaya, pina colada, etc.! Today these items have become household products because of the pioneers of the food industry, whose names are stated above.

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