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May 16, 1967

Matt Barrett Arriving in Greece!

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In the Spring of 1968, Matt Barrett arrived in Greece.

He must have had a lot of guts and nerve to go to Greece only a few months after the Dictatorship was established (beginning April 21st, 1967 and ending July 23rd, 1974) in the country.
However, this trip to Greece was the beginning of understanding what Greece is all about.

Although Julius Vern made the round of the world in 80 days, if somebody asked Mr. Barrett about how long it would take to go around Greece, he would definitely say 80 years! 

Matt Barrett spent a lifetime getting acquainted with and studying the country, the culture, the history, the values, the society, the food, etc.
The Greek government should in fact appoint him to the title of Minister of Tourism, according to one of the viewer's on the websites comment.

Instead, he decided to put all this wonderful information together, along with thousands of pictures, travel guides, etc., into creating a magnificent website, who evidently takes months to go through and view all the information provided about Greece. 

Mr. Goudas is certain that he will meet Mr. Barrett some time in the future. They will exchange knowledge: Mr. Goudas will talk to him about foods from around the world and Matt Barrett will talk about his experiences in Greece.

Click here to view Mr. Barrett's personal website

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