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May 17, 1967

Mr. Goudas' First Efforts in Canada

Without wasting any time, Mr. Goudas immediately started looking for jobs that would require more of his knowledge than his language.

After searching everywhere for work, Mr. Goudas finally found not one, but three jobs, where he worked at the same time.

The first company he worked for was Ray McKey, in the Brimley and Sheppard area; the company was responsible for the heating and air-conditioning systems for the Toronto Board of Education.

The second company was Peabody Engineering, on Wharton Way in Mississauga, which was manufacturing air-conditioning and heating systems for export to foreign countries.

The third was Douglas Aircraft on Airport Road, a position where he qualified due to his five (5) years experience in engineering in the Greek Air Force.

Mr. Goudas used to work 7 days a week, 20 hours a day, submitting those hours in all three jobs together each day. 

If you will ask him "How did he do it?" the answer given directly is "You can almost perform miracles at the age of 25"!
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