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May 14, 1967

Goudas Arrived in Toronto in May 1967

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Mr. Goudas arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia with snow on the ground via Montreal to Toronto with approximately $100 in his pockets and no knowledge of English.

Even though he could read and write using the letters of the Greek alphabet, Mr. Goudas found that the money he had did not go very far, and he was soon sleeping out in the streets. 

A few years later, Spyros Peter described the experience as "sleeping under the hotel of endless stars".
In reality, he was sleeping on the benches outside Old City Hall, looking up at the stars and dreaming about food.

The reason he immigrated to Canada is portrayed in detail in the Metropolitan Toronto Business Journal Magazine, in the article section with the title:
"The Man for all Seasonings" written by Okey Chibo. 

This photo is a collector item. Taken in May 1967.

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