Aug 3, 1975

What a wonderful day for Goudas Foods and the whole organization, as it took its first steps towards promoting all their products via the Caribana Parade.
With the help of Kenn F Shah - as explained in a beautiful article years later titled "FLASHBACK CARIBANA 1975-1976", published in the INDO Caribbean Newspaper, one of the largest ethnic Newspapers in Canada.

The parade was a huge success.

In this article you will read about the enormous effort and hard work it takes to organize such and event, for all the world to see.

This explains why Mr. Goudas is one of the pioneers of this magnificent parade that happens annually and attracts millions to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Feb 1, 1978

As the company is getting bigger, new professionals are joining to contribute their knowledge and experience to Goudas Foods.

We are excited to welcome Roman Chann as the new controller of Goudas Foods!

May 1, 1978

Lou Pecchia, director of wholesale food development with No Frills, was hired in 1977 as a multicultural, food coordinator, for Loblaws, No Frill's parent company.

That year, the management at Loblaws invited Spyros Peter Goudas for an interview. Pecchia had already expressed his opinion that Goudas Foods products should be brought to No Frills.

Jun 10, 1978

Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. The tree was brought from West Africa by Captain William Bligh around 1793. Another name for the plant is Blighia Sapida, in honour of the Captain. The fruit is born in clusters on an evergreen tree and turns red upon reaching maturity. Continued exposure to the sun causes the Ackee to split open. Traditionally it is at this time that they are ready for harvest. The arilli are removed and cleaned in preparation for cooking.

The freshly harvested delicacy is enjoyed island-wide at breakfast or as an entree. The canned product is also enjoyed by both locals and visitors to the island.

Jul 10, 1978

Mr. Goudas has implemented computer technology to manage operations effectively and efficiently.
He is one of the first companies to implement this technology in the sector. 
Customers and suppliers are overwhelmed by the accuracy, efficiency and speed of their orders and shipments.
Although the introduction of new products are sometimes bound to have bugs and slight errors, Mr. Goudas was able to overcome and correct all of these issues with the help of Olivetti Computer Systems.

Mr. Goudas altered, re-programmed and perfected the Olivetti operating system, which has been copied and utilized by many commercial and governmental organizations for record keeping, inventory control, processing, accounting, and so on.

Jul 11, 1978

This product is used by Caribbean people at Christmas time. Sorrel is well known for the grateful acidity of its herbage, which is most marked when the plant is in full season, though in early spring it is almost tasteless. The plant is also called 'Cuckoo's-meate' from an old belief that the bird cleared its voice by its agency. 

Spyros Peter Goudas Foods produces this drink out of Sorrel, which is not only delicious but beneficial to good health as well.

Aug 10, 1978

After the tremendous success of the Caribana Parade in 1975, Mr. Goudas wanted to organize another parade the next year, aiming for even better success than before. 

Co-operating with Kenn F. Shah and other people, Mr. Goudas worked for more than 6 months in order to have the event perfectly organized.

On the day of the parade, everyone was dressed in beautiful, colourful, costumes, wearing distinctive make up, and ready to go. However, terrible weather had also decided to join the party and ruined everything with its destructive rain. Water poured furiously from the skies, washing away all the make up and discolouring all the costumes.

Aug 24, 1978

Papadopoulos/Pattakos/Makarezos sentenced to death in Athens 

Please refer to EVENT 21 APR 1967 

It was at this time, on August 24, 1975, the three men who comprised the triumvirate of junior officers during the turbulent period in Greece in 1967, Papadopoulos, Makarezos, and Pattakos, were sentenced to death in Athens. This sentence was later rescinded to a life term.
According to many, Pattakos spent the rest of his life reading the Bible in jail. 

This probably was the opportunity for Peter to go back to Greece, since democracy was reinstated. However, he chose not to leave, because he loved his work, his business relationships, and began to understand the function of the multi-cultural food market in Canada.
He did not want to lose the opportunity to apply this newly gained knowledge and the possibility of learning more. 

Instead, he wanted to continue to grow into what he knew was going to be a promising future, because he believed the food creation business was endless and was directly tied to or related to religion.

Nov 11, 1978

This Picture was taken during the radio broadcast on CHIC radio station Brampton. Roy Stewart(left) and Spyros Peter Goudas (right). 

Mr. Goudas was operating a multicultural program in both CHIC in Brampton and CJMR in Oakville. The story of the radio program can be read in the archives section. There were a number of people involved in this program as announcers, interviewers, commentators including such notables as Colin Hanson,
Mr. Mahoney, Roy Stewart, Joe Reid, Wyn Callender, Big Willie, Jasse McDonald, Percy Thomas and others, as well as a studio audience.

One must understand that during this time period the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) required a fifty percent Canadian Music content in all programming.

Nov 11, 1978

Mr. Goudas enters MFM, (Miracle Food Mart) a supermarket chain in Ontario, Canada, owned by Steinberg's, a Quebec-based retailer. 

Under the direction of key personalities such as Mr. Mike Mirenegeli, Mr. Frank Dunn, Mr. Angelo Valentini, Mr. Domenic Calce, and Mr. Wayne Roberson. 

After introducing Mr. Goudas Products to the MFM stores, the chain grew remarkably.

Jan 14, 1979

On the evening of January the 14th, 1979, Mr. Goudas had an accident that almost cost him everything including his entire business. The story is provided in text format for those of you that do not have Real Player. Both the audio and text are posted in the archives section under the title "The story of Mr. Goudas' Horrible Accident". 

The story explains the circumstances of how the accident happened, the outcome, and the ensuing result. This dramatic event has become a subject of discussion on radio programs, in churches, at meetings, board rooms, accounting firms, books, etc. In effect, it has become a source of inspiration to others who are and have endured similar devastating periods in this game of life.

Any one who is experiencing a difficult period is encouraged to read this article. The mere force of strength that Mr. Goudas exhibits throughout this ordeal will strengthen even the weakest of spirits. It is a source of strength and faith higher and more powerful than we are !

May 5, 1979

George Hall was a bailiff, sent from the Government to seize the Goudas Foods Factory following
Mr. Goudas had an accident earlier this year which resulted in him breaking his leg.
You can read more details on the Mr. Goudas website in the Archives section.
If you have Real Player, you can view him in the interview he gave in 1991.

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