Apr 21, 1967

Dear Friends, Supporters, Satisfied and Potential Customers and, of course, Competitors (whom we know read everything with a magnifying glass): 

Usually, you begin by reading current events and make assumptions about the past which are totally incorrect. 

We would like to make an exception and guide you into the beginning of the Events Section so that you may be able to understand the path that made this a reality. 

It will take some time to really understand How and Why.
In some areas you will be able to see the life of the man who started all this and the Company itself. 

It has actually been a long progression of time and events. 
May 14, 1967

Mr. Goudas arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia with snow on the ground via Montreal to Toronto with approximately $100 in his pockets and no knowledge of English.

Even though he could read and write using the letters of the Greek alphabet, Mr. Goudas found that the money he had did not go very far, and he was soon sleeping out in the streets. 

A few years later, Spyros Peter described the experience as "sleeping under the hotel of endless stars".
In reality, he was sleeping on the benches outside Old City Hall, looking up at the stars and dreaming about food.

The reason he immigrated to Canada is portrayed in detail in the Metropolitan Toronto Business Journal Magazine, in the article section with the title:
"The Man for all Seasonings" written by Okey Chibo. 

This photo is a collector item. Taken in May 1967.

May 16, 1967

In the Spring of 1968, Matt Barrett arrived in Greece. He must have had a lot of guts and nerve to go to Greece only a few months after Dictatorship was established (beginning April 21st, 1967 and ending July 23rd, 1974) in the country.

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May 17, 1967

Without wasting any time, Mr. Goudas immediately started looking for jobs that would require more of his knowledge than his language.

After searching everywhere for work, Mr. Goudas finally found not one, but three jobs, where he worked at the same time.

The first company he worked for was Ray McKey, in the Brimley and Sheppard area; the company was responsible for the heating and air-conditioning systems for the Toronto Board of Education.

The second company was Peabody Engineering, on Wharton Way in Mississauga, which was manufacturing air-conditioning and heating systems for export to foreign countries.

The third was Douglas Aircraft on Airport Road, a position where he qualified due to his five (5) years experience in engineering in the Greek Air Force.

Mr. Goudas used to work 7 days a week, 20 hours a day, submitting those hours in all three jobs together each day. 

If you will ask him "How did he do it?" the answer given directly is "You can almost perform miracles at the age of 25"! 
May 20, 1969

Mr. Goudas opens a small Store at 173 Baldwin St. in Kensington Market. Located in the South West area of Spadina and College streets in Toronto. 

The Store, Pallas Meat Market, initially catered to the Greek community.
However, during the course of business Mr. Goudas realized that his customers where Latin, Caribbean, Asian, European, Jewish and others.
He, therefore, changed the makeup of the store to accommodate the different nationalities. 
He then realized the importance of quickly learning the eating habits, customs, and religions background of his multi-cultural customers. 

Experiences like this made Mr. Goudas more acquinted with the multicultural food business in Canada and constantly enriched his expertise. 
Aug 15, 1979


Shortly after getting nestled down with work and making ends finally meet, Mary Papadaki, his fiance, from Greece informed Peter Spyros Goudas that she was unwilling to leave her native land, Greece, where she was completing her law degree at the University of Athens and withdrew their engagement. 
Mary went on to become a successful lawyer and then a judge. 

Sometime during the month of March 1968, in Toronto, he met and fell in love with a beautiful and well-educated girl named Anta Kalampothakis.

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