The 813 club Derrick Morgan remarkable story 

Event that happened in early 1970 during the week of the New Year. 

After many years of operating the 813 Club, which was considered to be the number one Caribbean and Latin American club in North America, and where many artists had visited the club and/or performed successfully (for example Rosco and The Rebelions, Pluckey and Beril, Derrick Morgan, The Flames, and other numerous artists from Jamaica, the Barbados, and Trinnidad), the club closed its doors.

Manos Kalotinis ΜΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΛΟΤΙΝΗΣ  

His documentary and the life incidents he reveals are powerful, surprising, revealing. 
Not many people could be so candid about their life. To summarize in a few words, he came from a broken home.  His father was violent and his mother was a prostitute.

Memories from the Past IN MEMORY OF Raimondos Papamanolis (Παπαμανώλης    Ραϊμόνδος) When the book A TRIP BACK HOME BOOK  finally made its round back home, many people found their names in the book and this created a major excitement. Everyone wanted to have a copy, and so he sent a book for everyone. So let’s read this personal story of Spyros Peter Goudas. It is a bittersweet story filled with emotional moments along with some happy occurrences. You may find yourself touched while reading, because if something like this ever happened to you, every sentence of this story will come to life. 


    The information about Adolf Hitler is so    big, so huge, more than one could imagine and in certain instances websites         appear from everywhere with every Joe Blow having an opinion. For example, in some areas they claim that Hitler was a     homosexual, others claim that he was a drug addict, and so on and so on. Lately, there have even been comments             about his male parts, or that he lived until age 90 plus in Argentina. All the documentaries peak interest in him but there     is no evidence to support many of these claims.
    CAMBODIA ARTICLE  Cambodia is a country that is slowly awakening with a population that is willing to forget its past     and look optimistically into a bright new future. I would like you to view the films with patience and understanding,             keeping in mind that some of them were made during the Nixon, Kissinger era, as well as the Pol Pot regime. 
    RAYMOND SAMUELS . I’m going to nominate Spyros Peter Goudas for an Order of Canada so I believe,               should you. Hopefully this will empower and inspire other Canadians who love delicious food and the pursuit of a               revitalizing, healthy lifestyle.
    How we can show we Care about Canada and great Canadians For a start, we can support Spyros Peter Goudas and his       worthy cause, but if you’re as intrigued by his many achievements as I am, you can MR. SPYROS PETER GOUDAS           DESERVES AN  “ORDER OF CANADA”

  I came to Canada on November 25th, 2005. Like any other person in this country, I am proud     of my country of origin.I am employed as a Security Guard at the building        where Spyros Peter Goudas' factory is     located.  In fact, I am his body guard. 
    Target Canada missed their Target losing billions  Target organization saw the improvement of the Zellers stores         and decided to purchase them hoping to penetrate the Canadian market in 2011. Three years later, Target failed in a big way and missed their Target losing billions of dollars underestimating the complexity of the Canadian market.
    MILO NESTLE  We feel that Spyros Peter Goudas did all the sloughing, the cultivation, the seeding of the ground but         never had the opportunity to reap the harvest. In fact, at the time of harvest, the crop was stolen. The Nestles Company     had no reason to remove  distribution rights from Spyros Peter Goudas

Caregivers Resource and Development (CRDP) Mr. Goudas By Mickel Allen

Philippine Geography lists in order, the 77 provinces, towns, cities, villages within the country. Unknowingly, Yoyoy Villame created a masterpiece, which in the Phillipines, became a benchmark for education.
According to me, it should be mandatory that every country should have a song similar to Yoyoy Villame’s – Philippine Geography, that would educate the kids about the place they call home.

Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas By Mickel Allen

Perhaps it is the cycle of life or that oh so familiar analogy “once a man twice a child” but whatever it was, for brief moments during this visit I was teleported back in time to my childhood. I looked on in amazement at this Man, who has become a household name in Canada, and seldom sleeps it is said, is constantly in meetings, creating new and exciting products, quality testing, running a multimillion dollar company. Who unreservedly, stopped and with great, patience and attentiveness took time out of his busy schedule to engage the whims of a little child in awe.

Yoyoy Villame & Goudas Typhoon Haiyan 

   Spyros Peter Goudas The Filippino situation was not a local occurrence; it was an international issue similar to the Olympic Games. I am very happy I took part in this game of life.

On Behalf of all of us at the Goudas organization in Canada and abroad, we wish him a Merry Christmas. May God maintain his health and strength as he continues to help not only us, but, provides for others in need. Recorded By Mickel Allen 

J wanted to express my thoughts on this beautiful country, sharing everything I learned about the people, the food and the culture. The pictures included were taken personally by me, and displayed in this article to show the readers a very realistic view of Colombia. 

Here he received an award for his contribution to the community and for his assistance in helping the organization to feed the homeless on a regular basis. 

    Spyros Peter Goudas Books  Due to his condition, pain and suffering, he decided to write all these books.
    The strangest thing of all, was the fact that he was able to write such rich comedic articles and books, despite                     experiencing all the pain and hardship. One of the books titled “Miracles, Still do Happen”, is considered by many people to be a religious guide. The book has been translated in various languages, published in many newspapers and sermonized in churches.

I sincerely thank you on behalf of all immigrants in Canada. 
Never in the history of any newspaper related to the Black community has there been an emphasis on the achievements of a non-black or African American

Information About Honey  Not only does it naturally blossom with many kinds of flowers every year, but also has a long blooming period beginning in April to September.

There are approximately 4000 beehives; those are all spread around in groups of 150-200 beehives each. Every group is guarded to ensure the purity and high quality of honey. 

Most of the honey produced in this area is (dasomelo), since there are many forests here. 
Most forests contain Linden (flamouria) and (akakies) trees, and many herbs. 
Other kinds of honey come from flowers and plants like sunflowers, coriander, mint, and (gaidouragka8o). 

Cooking rice  Obviously, different varieties of rice have different cooking time periods and with each stove being different – electric stoves give off different heat proportions to gas stoves, therefore, the instructions on the bags can be way off from reality. You may end up with very soft rice, which is yucky, and right off the bat you hate the taste. Or, it is so      hard, some people call them bullets and your dentist will love you. The fact is you do not need a Masters Degree, or a Phd. to figure it out.

   Επιστολές δωρεών. Κατά τη διάρκεια των ετών, ο κ. Σπύρος Peter Γουδας (Goudas) έχει δώσει διάφορες δωρεές    στις      διαφορετικές οργανώσεις στην απόλυτη και δικαιολογημένη ανάγκη.

Εντούτοις, κατά τη διάρκεια των ίδιων ετών, έχει λάβει αιτήματα από τους ανθρώπους που αδικαιολόγητα έχουν ζητήσει διάφορα είδη δωρεών και υποστήριξης. 
Παραδείγματος χάριν, μια ομάδα ανθρώπων τον ρώτησε  να πληρώσει τα εισιτήριά τους για να περιοδεύσει τα νησιά του Τορόντο. Σε μια άλλη περίπτωση, μια ομάδα γκολφ απείλησε να μην αγοράσει τα προϊόντα του, εκτός αν κανη δωρεά στα πρωταθλήματα. Τέτοια αδικαιολόγητα και περιττά αιτήματα έχουν φέρει ένα μίγμα ανεπιθύμητων συναισθημάτων στην οργάνωσή μας, γίνονται αντιληπτά και προσβάλλουν τη φύση της γενναιοδωρίας του.

TRIP OF PANOS GOUDAS IN GHANA AFRICA  Some time ago, I wrote a book entitled, African Food Safari, which mentally takes you on a safari and illustrates a few dishes that are staples in Ghana and Nigeria such as, Fou Fou, Eba, Catfish and Spinach. Towards the end of the book, I incorporated a small article reflecting the needs of the underprivileged and the poor. I have never had the opportunity to travel to this region of the world; however, I have a very good understanding of the situation.

Καρπούζι Watermelon If you check out the search engines on the internet and look up the word Watermelon you will find that there are over 1,200 varieties. Watermelons vary in size, up to an incredible 262 lbs, according to Wikipedia. Wooow!

We are not sure what to do with this. A lot of watermelon, to feed a whole village, I suppose! Such information is good to know. Watermelon lovers know that a delicious slice is a very refreshing thing on a hot, long, humid day in the summer. Finally, you purchase one. 
Rock of ages by Spyros Peter Goudas Let us stop for a moment and spend a little time to really understand the words and the meaning of a melody that we often listen to either at Church or in the movies. Since we are living in a multicultural society with all races, cultures and religions and with troubles around the world, in this region called Canada, we are all living in harmony – and this may be, the BIGGEST PRIVILEGE OF ALL TIMES. We often hear this melody and never paid attention since, to many people, it is just another English song.

Information on Canned Beans and Peas In the 40 years of his experience, Mr. Goudas and his personnel have been trained in such a manner as to always have the loyal consumer in mind. Every person involved in the canning process has been trained and has graduated from the Goudas University, in the art of canning, in Toronto and Concord campus to hold and maintain that responsibility. According to Mr. Goudas, complaints from consumers have to be at a minimum.

Μέλι και κανέλα  Συμβουλή Ποτέ να μην βράσετε το μέλι ή να το βάλετε σε φούρνο μικροκυμάτων γιατί έτσι θα σκοτωθούν τα ένζυμά του. Η αλήθεια για το μέλι με κανέλα Είναι σίγουρο ότι οι φαρμακευτικές εταιρείες δεν θα ήθελαν οι παρακάτω πληροφορίες να κάνουν τον γύρο του κόσμου.
Έχει διαπιστωθεί ότι ένα μίγμα του μελιού και κανέλας θεραπεύει τις περισσότερες ασθένειες. 
Οι επιστήμονες σήμερα δέχονται επίσης, το μέλι είναι πολύ αποτελεσματικό φάρμακο για όλα τα είδη ασθενειών. Το μέλι μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί χωρίς παρενέργειες σε κάθε είδους ασθένειες. Αν και το μέλι είναι γλυκό, εάν ληφθεί στη σωστή δοσολογία ως φάρμακο, αυτό δεν βλάπτει ακόμα και τους διαβητικούς ασθενείς. 

Ενα περιοδικό στον Καναδά, έχει δώσει τον ακόλουθο κατάλογο των ασθενειών που μπορεί να θεραπευτούν με μέλι και κανέλα, όπως έχει ερευνηθεί από δυτικούς επιστήμονες:

The ethnic market by Bernadette Scott "The ethnic market has grown exponentially in the last 40 years, and Peter Spyros Goudas is meeting the challenge of more diverse ethnic foods by having devoted his time exclusively to that. 

BEANS AND PEAS by Spyros Goudas  This is a very long and arduous process, it is not just packing beans in a bag and then shipping them. First, the area has to be identified. Each bean or pea has a location where it grows best. That is why we source Lima beans and Pigeon Peas from Peru, our Jumbo Chick Peas from Mexico, Lentils from Winnipeg, Black Eye Peas from California or from Peru, Red Lentils from Turkey or Canada, Dals from India, Mung Beans from Australia, etc.


GOUDAS Employees Christmas Party of 1995 I met Peter in 1970 at the Kensington Market. He had just opened a small store, which was the best in the Kensington Market. Peter went from the best to being the greatest in the twenty seven (27) years that I have known him. 

Peter was not only doing his stuff (being a businessman), Peter was helping people too. 
I have personal knowledge of this as I use to be his Santa Clause every Christmas at the "813 Club". We used to give away a lot of great gifts to people at the club- most times more than they could afford from their wages. Peter is a good man. He has a good heart . He will share with anyone who needs help. 

Mr. Goudas' 59th Birthday 2001

Speeches at Spyros Peter Goudas 30th Anniversary Celebration  Due to his enlightened success, lately my mother is trying to change her maiden name back to Goudas we loves the attention. Is he your uncle? Yes, he's my uncle. I thought he was Chinese - no he's Greek; I thought he was Italian - no he's Greek (laughter from the audience). 

I just hope that one day I fulfill what he wants me to fulfill. 
Whether being in his company or something to see me as. 
But hearing you speak everything about my uncle and how much he's helped everybody, I was not around to see it but especially today, I see how much he means to a lot of people and I thank you for that because it puts him one rank higher in my heart - I admire him more day by day. And I just want to let him know even though sometimes he thinks his advice is falling on deaf hears. I admire him and I respect him and I hope I listen I him.

Peter Spyros Goudas TV Commercials
Peter Goudas Radio Commercials
The story of Mr. Goudas' Horrible Accident  Dr. Love aired the entire Story on his "Dr. Love" show on the Chin Radio station and after the story he had a segment where listeners called and expressed their views and opinions about the show. Fitzroy "Dr. Love" Gordon claims that the segment featuring Mr.Goudas' recording was the best show he ever had in his broadcasting career.

The audio is 45 minutes long for your listening pleasure.
Please dim the lights, take a refreshing drink, grab a seat and rest your legs.
Remember Mr. Goudas still has his leg and it all worked out because he never gave up hope.

    1975 Caribana Film in Full Length
    Creating Peter Goudas Commercial  Here appears a video from a Goudas Radio program broadcast on CHOW     radio, 790 AM dial, in 1991.The disc jockey is Colin Vern Hanson, (The Mover), regular host and DJ for this               program. The studio that you see was used to produce commercials for Mr. Goudas in a number of different             languages, and in one segment you can see Panos Goudas at 10 years old, doing a commercial for Mr. Goudas'       Snappy Pop. Anthony Papayanopoulos is in a commercial for magic sauce. You may also see Anthony 10 years         later giving a speech at the Goudas Foods 30th Anniversary celebration in 1997. He is the first person on video       clip 3.

   790 RADIO (from the Documentary Film released in 1991)
    A Goudas Radio Program Broadcasted on CHOW Radio, 790 AM  

For your listening pleasure: A Goudas Radio program broadcasted on CHOW radio, 790 AM dial, in 1991. The disc jockey is Colin Vern Hanson, (The Mover), the regular host and DJ for this program:

     Mr. Goudas Awards Presentation to the Best Students for 1999   Congratulations to all the recipients.
     Mr. Goudas Awards Presentation to the Best Students for 2001
     PAST AND PRESENT (Mr.Goudas Film 2hrs in length) Released in 1991 it chronicles man                            aspects of the Life of Peter Spyros Goudas  

Mr.Goudas' Film "Past and Present"  is two (2) hours in length.

Released in 1991 it chronicles man aspects of the Life of Peter Spyros Goudas including:

-The Early Years
-Arrival in Canada
-Starting Business
-The 813 Club Story
-The Carabana Story
-A Variety of Commericials
-Scenes from the 1975 and 1990 Parade.

How Greeks Celebrate Easter 1991 Avramis TV Greek Easter Celebration (in Greek) April 1991

SPYROS GOUDAS Suppliers Have Something to Say  The clip that appears below was recorded in 1989. Eddie Goldman, a supplier and friend of Mr. Goudas, gives us his views on how the Goudas name managed to become so successful. He gives insight on the personal cost of  Mr. Goudas' success and the constant pressure to make sure that every product with the Mr. Goudas label is one of perfection. Kenn F. Shah, also a close acquaintance of Mr. Goudas, expresses his opinion on Mr. Goudas' zeal and drive.

    Quality at the Spyros Peter Goudas Plant  Peter Goudas does not just buy beans.
    Mr. Perer  Goudas selects beans. This is a very long and arduous process, which entails much more than just                     packing beans in a bag and shipping it. First, the area has to be identified. Each bean or pea has a location where it           grows best. It therefore comes as no surprise that Goudas Foods sources different  varieties from different locations.
    For instance: we source Lima beans and pigeon peas from Peru, jumbo chick peas from Mexico, lentils from Winnipeg,         black eye peas from California, red lentils from  Turkey, dhals from India, mung beans from Australia and so on... 

    Caribana Parade of 1975 Caribana Parade of 1975...

Please enjoy The video clip which appears


     Caribana Parade of 1990  Mr. Goudas was around at the beginning of this festival and was involved  in the activities        shortly after it all started. He is familiar with the pain, the effort, the joy and the drive      engrained in the hearts (and        maybe souls) of the people involved. Similarly, he can understand the         satisfaction they experience when                    everything comes together and is presented and displayed for "your"      ultimate pleasure.

 Many articles have been written about Mr. Goudas' life story and his involvement in Caribana.


Demonstration of Spyros Peter. Goudas Products
Mr. Goudas Getting A Hair-Cut
GOUDAS AT MOUNT ZION Pastor Jesse Anunciacion Dear Bro. Spyros Peter Goudas; 

On behalf of the Mt. Zion Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church family, allow me to extend to you our heart felt gratitude for your continued and generous assistance to our Food Bank.  Indeed, you have always shown genuine concern to the less fortunate in our community by your kindness in supplying our pantry with a generous supply of products that carries your name. We praise God for community partners like you.
May His boundless grace be upon you and your family always! Yours in the love of Christ,"Duty Makes Us Do Things Well; But Love Makes Us Do Them Beautifully"Pastor Jesse Anunciacion

The passing of Koukla a very sad story  To the non animal lover this booklet is of no significance.

It may have been pleasant reading but did not evoke any deep feelings or emotions.
To animal lovers, on the other hand, this booklet speaks directly to their hearts.
There are millions of people who treat animals like a part of their family and their love for these animals flows from deep within them.
Sometimes you may see an elderly lady holding a dog close to her chest, a gentleman walking his dog around the block late in the evening, or the macho men with their pit bulls or a young kid with a lassie look alike collie. 

Olive Tree, by Bernadette Scott 

It is a very powerful book, one of a kind. It reveals information you have not heard before.
It relates the story of the Olive Tree from its holy beginnings, 
The Goddess Athena’s gift to Greece, its cultivation and the process from the beginning to end in the production of Olive Oil and its categories.

It includes how to identify a good Olive Oil and the different varieties of olives.


 Hello friends and supporters: The website WWW.FLYERMALL.COM has hundreds of links for stores and quite a few related to grocery items.

You may sit in the convenience of your home environment or anywhere you choose prepare a shopping list, select a product and find the price at the click of your mouse. So you may end up with a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner. How nice!  How convenient! 

Let us stop for a moment and explain the purpose of this particular Article link: PERU AND CUBA MISSION. 2009 This Article takes you to a world you may not know existed


Taste of Home Gilda Spitz mosaic of international cultures from around the world

CANADA GEESE by Spyros Peter Goudas I had a wonderful summer with my Canada Geese, one of the best I have ever had. I was never alone or lonely! Yet, similar to stories in Greek Mythology with the dual masks, representing comedy and tragedy; all good things come to an end. 

In this situation, one Sunday afternoon, the third week in November, I ended up with at least 25 families, approximately 500 birds, in the courtyard.

They must have had a general meeting and a global positioning system (GPS) for them all to be able to find my location. To some, this could have been a scary moment, but to me it was a beautiful sight to behold. I walked freely amongst them with food in my hand. They had a wonderful time.
And so did I. 

Sherri Borden Colley amateurish article was meant to be a criticism. The underhand, amateurish tactics used by Sherri Borden Colley to promote her personal agenda, have obviously backfired. Although the article by Sherri Borden Colley was meant to be negative, in the end it proves that the Goudas sugar is truly A 100% pure sweet deal after all.

It was very amateurish and tabloid in style. 

The Goudas Food Company, which is directed under the personal care and supervision of the food empire,s founder (as the article calls him), goes the extra length to ensure that his products, over 1,000 of them, comply with internationally recognized food safety systems to ensure the manufacture of safe food products.  



 It is with a deep sense of sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. Pasquale D’Aversa on May 31, 2007 at the age of 65.

For all of you who have had the opportunity to have your first cup of Espresso or Cappuccino at 4:00 a.m before going to work, obviously you will never forget his wonderful smiling face.
For those of you who have only heard the name and sampled his wonderful creations, we do not have to ask your opinion of him, we know that you have loved and respected him.
Born in Veroli, Frosinone Italy in 1942, he immigrated to Canada in 1965.  


HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas By Bernadette Scott Hello Everyone:

It is 9:20 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 2007.  It is not unusual that I am sitting here at work.  My hours have been rearranged because my boss apparently works 29 hours a day.

Anyway, tomorrow, Thursday, March 29, 2007 he will be 65 years old. Happy Birthday, Sir!  Congratulations on reaching such a milestone in life. Thank you for what you have done and accomplished in this time period and may our great and wonderful God, our Father Almighty, continue to bless you and keep you strong, healthy and productive for many, many, many, more years.  For without you, there will be a terrible void left in the world because, you have made it possible for millions of people to have food on the table. 

There are no words to describe my gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done and I am very privileged to have made your acquaintance.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Relay cultural review by Christine Diakos

If the Goudas Foods is familiar to you, it’s probably because you have seen their products in all the major supermarkets across Canada. They cater to the unique and eclectic tastes of our multicultural society. Peter Goudas may not be as known, but he is the force behind this profitable and unparalleled business.


Phooie to the Editor CONTRAST NEWSPAPER  My God, it’s the second day of January already and I have not done my column yet. At first I thought that the editor was going to kill me, but he didn’t seem at all surprised. On the other hand, and much to my astonishment, he said that he was surprised at my writing so regularly in the last year.

Can you imagine that? The man’s got absolutely no confidence in me at all.

My first reaction was ‘to blank’ him this issue, but I’ve found out that he was going to insert: “Pat McNeilly-will-not –be feature-in-this-issue, he had a taste at Christmas.”


Peter Goudas give Farewell to Robert Dipiero  Goudas Foods is a organization, that every person is an important link on the chain.  But now, this link has been broken with Robert’s sad passing.  His premature and unexpected death has had a great impact in all of us, including the head office and personally me. 

Tin Man By Sarah Teitel  IT'S SAID OF CELEBRITIES that they possess an epic quality ¨C a grandiosity that's manifest in them even before they become famous. Requisites for fame, it seems, are the gumption and imagination it takes to act as though you have it even when you don't. 

If that's the case, it shouldn't be long before Mr. Goudas supplants the Green Giant as the country's most recognizable character on a can.


Colombia EX in MIAMI with names by Goudas  Here I am alone in this huge, empty lobby, nostalgically smiling while remembering those beautiful couple of days just past.
All the wonderful and lively businessmen and women have all gone back to their respective homes, and yet I sit here waiting my turn to do the same. 
One opportunity this loneliness provides is a moment to reflect and fire up new business relationships and trade to a country and its people, misunderstood by the rest of the world.

Το όνομά μου είναι Κoukla  Γειά σας! Το όνομά μου είναι ΚΟΥΚΛΑ!

Η λέξη ΚΟΥΚΛΑ στα Ελληνικά, όπως μου εξήγησαν επειδή είμαι Γαλλόφωνη, χρησιμοποιείται όταν αναφέρεται κανείς σε μια όμορφη κοπέλα. 
AX αυτοί οι Έλληνες, όλες τις κοπέλες τις φωνάζουν Κούκλα! Δεν χρειάζεται φυσικά να 'πώ ότι μου αξίζει πραγματικά αυτό το όνομα, γιατί είμαι πραγματική κούκλα! Βέβαια, το όνομα γεννήσεώς μου ήταν Lucky (Τυχερούλα), όπως με ονόμασε το πρώτο μου αφεντικό.

Goudas Curry Powder 1973 This is due to the facts that 1) Jamaicans used more thyme in their curry powder 2) Trinidadians and Guyanese used more cumin and chili 3) Chinese use more tamarind. For the next six months, Mr. Goudas was having curry for breakfast, curry for lunch, curry for dinner, and dreams of goats jumping with a Curry Powder package tied around their necks instead of bells. He was beoming a curry monster and in the middle of the nights he would have a curry snack. Needless to say most of the time his mouth felt like a Chinese dragon spreading fire, and his #A@$ was like a volcano ready to erupt

Αναμνήσεις από το Caribana Τη νύχτα της παραμονής, μέχρι το πρωί μεταφέραμε όλα αυτά τα κουστούμια και τα άρματα στο σημείο έναρξης της παρέλασης, στο VarsityStadium. Φυσικά όλα τα μέλη από όλες τις ομάδες ήταν εκεί. 

Τις πρωϊνές ώρες, περίπου μία με δύο το πρωϊ, που ήταν συγκεντρωμένες όλες οι ομάδες με τα μέλη τους, τότε κατάλαβα ότι ήμουνα σχεδόν ό μόνος λευκός! Μερικοί με νόμιζαν για τουρίστα. Δεν χρειάστηκε όμως πολύ να καταλάβουνε ποιός είμαι. Μάλιστα ένας μου είπε:


CARIBANA INDO CARIBBEAN WORLD NEWSPAPER 1975-1976 As the parade was almost half along the route the sky opened giving torrents of water to invade the festivities. The spectators ran for shelter from the relentless downpour.  

Some ran back to their hotels and cars, some to the dry subway tunnels. 
Some of the dancers and helpers of my group finally had to run for cover.
The musicians tried every possible way to protect and cover their instruments. 
The beautiful costumes which had taken 6 months to prepare melted into coloured puddles at the dancers' feet.
As I sat on the grass near the monument viewing the wrath of nature, I thought of the expenditure of time, effort and money.
I have experienced many rainstorms in my life, but never have I really paid much attention, as these storms have only wet my hair and clothes.
This storm wet my eyes and broke my heart

Prophet Elias Church

In the pictures below you may view a display of pastries such as, baklava, Galaktoboureko, Bougatsa, Kataifi, Spinach pie, Tyropita (cheese pie), Touloubes, and many varieties of cakes.The festivities included the Olympic Torch Flame ceremony, in which young women dress according to tradition for the event. 

In some pictures you may see the priest (Peter Mentis) and president of the association (Dimitrios Tsatsaronis) participating in the ceremony.

Photo of Philanthropists Dimitrios Tsatsaronis    Δημήτριος Τσατσαρώνης

Dennis Curry Interview
Robert Galati Interview
COSTA RICA: THE WORLD'S BEST KEPT SECRET!  - 'Mr. Goudas, what will it be, another business-related letter?' I ask while at the same time preparing to take notes.

- 'No Sofia. Today I want to tell you all about the wonderful time I had in Costa Rica, how I loved the country, how I met so many amazing people, and how important this trip came out to be not only for Goudas Foods but also for me personally.
It was a great experience, and I want to put it down on paper right away!'And this is how the writing of this article started, narrated in a slow and soft voice by Mr. Goudas, and often interrupted by coughing and sneezing. 

I have never heard a person speak with such excitement about a business trip as my boss was speaking today, but I can definitely justify all of it after hearing all about his visit to Central America. 


WHAT IS FLOATERS? Basically by reading various websites, I realized the floaters are here to stay. Only people who have floaters will understand the sadness its brings in the mind and soul knowing you would be like this for the rest of your life after having 20/20 vision. 

The smile on my face has disappeared since I received this floater diagnosis. 
However, today while driving with difficulty and trying to adjust myself to my new reality and being very careful not to cause any problems to others. With serious concentration on my driving, suddenly from nowhere a car appeared from a side street. Although he was supposed to stop he continued turning and driving into my lane like nothing happened. I blew the horn several times. I finally realized that this guy must be in a worse position than I am, and said to myself.

 This guy must have floaters in both eyes and be deaf in both ears. 

So, I smiled and thanked God because I only have floaters in one eye.

Goudas Speech Costa Rica

Memoirs of Willie Williams

What defines organic.

SPYROS PETER GOUDAS Seminar on the Business

Rafael’s Onofre passing


The Jamaican Xpress p.20

THE GLOBE AND MAIL GRAIG McINNES Catering to ethnic diversity
Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas Seminars
TORONTO STAR 2000 BY Ashante Infantry,

Ethnic foods in the can Peter Goudas can tell at a glance whether a person in Indonesian or Filipino, African or Caribbean. And he knows what they are likely to eat - knowledge gleaned through 32 years of observing Toronto's growing multicultural population.
Culture Shock 2004 CBC News Gregory Charles: You're watching Culture Shock; the only bilingual television magazine dedicated to cultural diversity.
Spyros Peter Goudas a Pioneer in a multicultural food industry After several requests from customers, in the years to come Mr. Goudas in 1970,s has decided to bring into this country the first shipment of fresh vegetables
Sri Lankan Newspaper
New Year Resolution 2006
Ενας άνθρωπος για κάθε γεύση Σπυρος Γουδας
A man for all seasonings
Entrepreneur's award for Peter Gouda
Colombia - Un mundo de oportunidad
Trivia kings test our food knowledge Rita DeMontis
Ethnic tastes drive success Rob McKenzie
Costa Rica: El secreto mejor escondido del mundo
An Extra Ordinary Entrepreneur
Mr. Goudas 60th Birthday 2002
Costa Rican (in Spanish)
Goudas brings Bulgaria to Canada
Mr. Goudas CHIR radio 2002
Excerpt from SHARE
SHARE NEWSPAPER Award BYRon Fanfair Peter Goudas (Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας) - the driving force behind the Goudas line of ethic food products - has been presented with the 1993 Greater Toronto New Canadian Entrepreneur award.
Hello, my name is KOUKLA - Jamaican Xpress & Ebdomada newspaper
Hello, my name is Koukla
Ciao, il mio nome è KOUKLA
안녕하세요, 내 이름은 KOUKLA 예요.
tzf;fk;! vdJ ngah; Nfhf;Fyh.
Bonjour, mon nom est KOUKLA

"Even trade wars, it seems, have their casualties." A heavy casualty in this particular case was Mr. Goudas Brand Corned Beef, and as a result, Goudas Foods, and other companies lost millions of dollars and market share. 

Mr. Goudas' recipe for success OLIVER BERTIN FOOD INDUSTRY  REPORTER CONCORD,ONT. Who is the mysterious Mr. Goudas, the guy who fills the ethnic-food section of just about every local supermarket? "The Trinidanians think I'm not from Trinidad; the Chinese think I'm Chinese; the Indians think I'm Indian," the small dapper man says."But I'm none of those. I'm Greek."

Mr. Goudas Soups in Greek
Kenn F. Shah Interview 1989
Mr. Goudas 30 years in Canada 1997
رجل لكل زمان



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