We are very honored that you chose to visit our site. It's not easy to put a lifetime of experience on to a medium, but we gave it our best shot.
We have made this site an adventure, a cornucopia of sight and sound, of matters, both private and public, and makes our lives in effect an open book so that we can serve as an inspiration to:

People new to a different country, facing a new culture, language, and surroundings without any friends or any money.
Young people can learn from their experiences.
Those who are feeling depressed or disappointed, and feel like the world is crashing around them because they are facing a setback due to bad luck or serious injury.
Educational groups and universities for their studies and analysis.
Suppliers who share with us the satisfaction of delivering the best the world has to offer.
Millions of consumers, so they may see the joy and satisfaction we get in knowing that we have done and we are doing the very best.
The competition, who we know will examine this site very carefully.
We trust they will finally understand that our motive is to provide the customer with the very best, and maybe they can try to do the same.

This is a solid testament to our desire to share feelings, experiences, accomplishments, and highs and lows with our customers, general public, supporters, friends, and even the competition (whose respect we feel that we've earned).

We urge you to view this site with a lot of patience and understanding.
Forgive any errors of omission and commission.
Please reserve any judgments and comments until you have gone through the entire site. 

That way, we figure no one will have anything to say for a long time.

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